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Kántor, Szilasi, Sárközy and Partners ( “KSzS”) has a broad client base, the vast majority of our customers belong to Hungary’s top 500 enterprises in the following fields.

Please note that our clients are protected by legal privilege and partly because of the commitment made to them, we do not wish to / are not allowed to identify them publicly, but should the need arise regarding individual requests, with the necessary permissions and an agreement of confidentiality, we are generally allowed to reveal certain clients names and the details of their case / our relationship with them.

  1. Financial service providers, investors

KSzS has represented and is continuously representing almost every one of the 10 most influential Hungarian financial institutions during both litigation and extra-judicial matters, preparation of loan agreements, creation of project financing agreements and activities related restructuring. We have participated and are continuously participating in matters worth billions in many instances. We have been representing one of the biggest commercial banks for over 25 years, exclusively for a long period and recently as one of the most important legal consultant.

We have represented several large investment funds who have invested tens of billions and naturally we have represented the companies created/acquisitioned by them in all of their legal cases.

  1. Industrial Enterprises, Agriculture

We have conducted litigation and extra-judicial matters of several power companies, energy suppliers, a leading fertilizer company, a poultry-breeding company, a spirits company, a leading chemical company, a construction company, leading concrete- and cover manufacturing companies and the most important affairs of a Hungarian-owned pharmaceutical company.

  1. Real estate investors

Assistance with litigation and extra-judicial affairs of a real estate developing company, originally established as a bank subsidiary, now functioning independently, carrying out the investments of tens of billions, representation of one of the most prestigious business park real estate developer in Budapest, representation of one of the leading real estate investment fund of Hungary, assistance with the affairs of one of the biggest and several other malls in Hungary.

  1. Commercial businesses

Representation of a multinational retail network since its entry into the Hungarian market in almost all of their affairs, representation of Hungary’s leading gas trading business. Representation of a leading multi-national apparel retailer, primarily in their real estate affairs. Representation of a major photo service retail chain. Representation of Hungary’s leading pharmaceutical trading business during litigation.

  1. Press, media and sports businesses

Representation of Hungary’s leading press and media business for decades since its investment in Hungary, representation of a television company, representation of a broadcasting company since its foundation.

Assistance in the acquisition of one of the greatest Hungarian football organizations, representation of football associations/organizations, representation of a major spectacle-sports federation.

  1. Representation of Providers, IT companies

Representation of a leading IT group registered on the international stock exchange during litigation and extra-judicial affairs, preparation of international transaction documents.

Judicial and extrajudicial representation of a hotel and catering business for over 15 years, representing an international hotel investment.

Representation of the Hungarian subsidiary of an international HR consulting firm during general and labor law affairs.

  1. Public sector representation

Representation of a highway construction company, during which we have participated in the preparation of the most important highway projects. Representation of a Ministry during a major cultural investment with the preparation of the concerned contract package.

Representation of a government institution during creation of a system of legal norms (sample contracts) concerning public procurement. Representation of a state regulatory body concerning gambling-regulatory issues.

Representation of municipal and district governments during affairs related to subway construction, investment and real estate matters. Representation of the rural municipality in a major wealth-related lawsuit.

Complete representation of a national authority of paramount importance.

  1. Individuals

Representation of dozens of entrepreneurs listed among the 200 richest Hungarian entrepreneurs during their various private matters, including asset management and wealth-sharing and wealth-diversification activities.