Social responsibility

About Us / Social responsibility

Since its establishment, Kántor, Szilasi, Sárközy and Partners (KSzS) has exerted significant charity, pro bono activities  of in the spirit of social responsibility, which basically take place in two forms:

  • exerting consulting and representation activities free of charge or for a symbolic fee for organizations – occasionally persons – who do not operate on a business basis, are in need of support, furthermore by providing a corporate tax percentage, or
  • direct financial support, we support socially beneficial and valuable activities

Recently, we have supported our following partners in one or both ways described above:

  • Hungarian Children’s Safety Foundation: we have been one of their main sponsors for many years, providing support with donations and support within the framework of free legal advice
  • Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation: On many occasions we have supported the federation with donations and TAO, as well as performing pro bono activities for them
  • Gábor Ocskay Hockey Academy: We have been supporting the work of the academy training young hockey players for years via various quantities of donations